​One of LawVisory’s core competencies: preparing private placement transactions

U.S. companies rely more on private placements to finance corporate activity that any other means of financing. LawVisory has experience in every form of private placement. We have prepared issuances under Regulation D (including Rules 504, 506(b) and 506(c)), and assisted in transfers applying Regulation S, Rule 144, and Section 4(a)(7).

Our professionals have engaged in a wide variety of private placements, from straightforward issuances to large negotiated private placements with counsel representing other parties. Our team members have represented start-ups, angel investors, investment advisers and financial advisors, in all kinds of financing arrangements including, corporate shares, limited liability company membership interests, convertible notes, KISSs, and FASTs.

A critical aspect of private offerings is ensuring compliance with the securities laws and mitigating foreseeable risk.  Unintentional errors in the offering process may provide investors with recession of the transaction, if not more. Mishandled offerings may compel state or SEC enforcement action. LawVisory attorneys have served with regulators and self-regulatory organizations. We know what to look for and know how to properly structure private placements.


​Going Public on Quotation Systems


Going public made easy

Going public on a quotation system or the pink sheets does not require the time and expense of going public on a national stock exchange. The process is simplified and can be far more cost effective, particularly when engaging calibrated and experienced legal counsel from small legal boutiques, such as LawVisory. Contact LawVisory further to find out more about the process.


​Cross-border Issues


Confirming the value and mitigating unwanted surprises

A due diligence investigation typically involves the legal team coordinating the due diligence of all teams, including financial and commercial/ operational, and conducting the legal due diligence. Our team members have conducted limited scope due diligence exercises, including narrow and specifically tailored due diligence exercises to large encompassing exercises. LawVisory’s clients seek to limit the transactional costs. We work with our clients to find economical means to limit the time and control the costs while discovering or confirming the critical facts.