Our attorneys serve as Outsourced Chief Legal Officers (OCLO) and General Counsels and support variable, discounted fee programs including discounted flat-fee monthly subscriptions, discounted hourly rates and discounted flat fees.  Our outsourced Chief Legal Officers provide valuable legal , compliance and risk mitigation and management services focused on the day-to-day needs of all aspects of our clients’ companies, executives and their management. We work with all stages of companies. We help our clients defend and protect what they have built through applying risk management and litigation defense management.  We help our clients save valuable time and resources so they can focus on building their businesses.

Our corporate, securities and litigation attorneys have decades of experience to help guide our clients through safe waters and assert their rights against bad actors, when needed.  We help our clients to negotiate and complete complex business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, or liquidity events. We also help our clients to raise needed capital or financing when needed or desired. Our attorneys have profound and substantial years of experience working as General Counsels and Chief Legal Officers for companies such as registered investment advisers, broker-dealers, FinTech companies, banks, trust companies, real estate development companies, real estate investment trusts, digital asset business, blockchain focused companies, consumer products, charitable giving, estate planning, professional services, pharmaceuticals, technology, and many other industries. 

With our predictable and discounted pricing models we enable our clients to save substantial resources. We craft a custom-tailored pricing plan that allows our clients to budget with precision and predictability and to avoid any surprises around the costs of legal and compliance.

Examples of typical services that we can provide for our clients are the following:

  • Contract review and negotiation

  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

  • Corporate finance, equity, stock options and debt management and issuances including drafting of equity and option plans and grants

  • Contract management

  • Director and advisory board management and corporate formalities such as meetings and corporate resolutions

  • Regulatory audit and examination assistance

  • Mergers & acquisition diligence assistance

  • Banking relationship management with the Finance department

  • Intellectual property management

  • Compliance

  • Labor law and human resources management

  • Real estate transaction and documentation reviews and management

  • Litigation management and evaluation and management of outside legal experts