Virtual currencies, equity tokens and utility tokens are growing in popularity. However, their checkered regulatory landscape at the state and federal level requires experienced and knowledgeable counsel to navigate the landscape. Contact LawVisory to see how our experience can assist you in your step in the cryptocurrency landscape.


We assist in planning, structuring, and implementing both utility and security ICOs


We help various clients working with initial coin offerings (“ICO”) by conducting whitepaper reviews and analyses, regulatory compliance and analysis, managing foreign counsel, preparing and negotiating agreements, building effective and compliant KYC/AML/ATF policies, procedures and programs, providing opinion letters, aiding with litigation matters, and all other services related to ICOs.


Experience and in-depth knowledge of developing Smart Contracts


We assist clients in developing smart contracts, contracts that can aid in the increased speed of transactions based upon various new forms of technology that facilitate the use of smart contracts.


Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Liquidity Providers

We represent clients that provide liquidity to the digital asset marketplace through digital currency exchanges (“DCEs”), trading desks or via applications that facilitate transactions in digital assets.


Skilled in establishing Digital Assets Banks


We work with clients at all levels from helping them to establish digital asset banks including obtaining a charter to aiding in the development and application of an effective AML/KYC/ATF compliance program. Whatever legal or compliance needs a digital asset bank may need, we can assist.


Trusted Counsel in Money Transmission regulation


Financial institutions and other money services businesses (“MSBs”) are required to filed select reports with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCen”). The thresholds for reporting may be periodic, based on a threshold amount or based on suspicious activity.


We advise our clients in federal and state money transmission issues, including licensing, ongoing compliance matters and other operations issues.


​Unwinding the complexities of Digital Asset Taxation


Taxation for digital assets is a nascent and evolving area. In 2014, the Internal Revenue Service issued Bulletin 2014-16 (Virtual Currency Guidance) to unravel some of the complexities of “token taxation”. LawVisory attorneys have worked with specialized accountants to further simplify accounting for digital assets, including a blockchain accounting system.