Mergers & Acquisitions

While recent developments in the financial marketplace have signaled an uptick in overall economic recovery, such activity doesn’t always bode well for shareholders of public companies. An environment ripe for deal flow can also be an environment rife with misconduct. Unfortunately, recent trends in deal structures reflect an increase in efforts to minimize shareholders’ rights, interests, and compensation.

Preparing for a successful transaction​

Mergers and acquisitions transactions, whether large or small, have an abundance of legal and accounting complexities that need to be clearly and properly addressed. The experienced legal counsel at LawVisory is essential to any M&A transaction whether it be on the Buy-Side or Sell-Sides and for clients of all sizes, ranging from local start-ups to global conglomerates.  

LawVisory is a trusted partner with decades of experience advising on dozens of M&A transactions, providing clients with the right level service and legal advice to land a successful deal!