Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer

Regulatory Compliance

Trust LawVisory for comprehensive legal and compliance consulting tailored for Registered Investment Advisers (RIA). Our expert team supports your firm’s adherence to current SEC and state laws, rules and regulations and provides ongoing support and peace of mind so that our clients can focus on building and growing their businesses in an optimized and safe manner.

Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer

Elevate your firm’s compliance with our Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer service from LawVisory. Our team places one of our seasoned compliance professionals as your firm’s CCO, seamlessly integrating them into your RIA team and culture. Backed by over 24 years of average experience in the financial services industry, our senior compliance professionals are either lawyers or collaborate closely with our seasoned attorneys, ensuring you receive the highest level of knowledge, expertise, and competence.

Most RIA firms do not use a full-time, dedicated chief compliance officer (CCO), leaving many compliance teams overstretched and vulnerable to SEC and regulatory enforcement. In today’s evolving landscape, where remote work remains prevalent and regulatory shifts from the SEC, FINRA and DOL loom, selecting the right compliance partner and officer is paramount. We are here to help our clients as their outsourced CCO.

Your Comprehensive Compliance Partner

As authorities in SEC and state-registered RIA compliance, LawVisory offers tailored and comprehensive services, leveraging our extensive industry experience to meet your unique requirements. While hundreds of firms have benefited from our foundational compliance programs, an increasing number are turning to us for more. Our Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer (OCCO) service empowers you to delegate even more compliance responsibilities to LawVisory.  

With our OCCO service, one of LawVisory’s senior compliance professionals can assume the role of your firm’s Chief Compliance Officer, seamlessly integrating into your team. Our outsourced CCOs have at least 20 years of experience on average along with either legal experience or the ability to collaborate closely with our legal professionals to provide unparalleled and seamless legal and compliance support. With our comprehensive compliance solution, your OCCO stands by your side every step of the way. From document reviews and form filings to marketing oversight, email and trade reviews, and comprehensive compliance training for your team, we handle it all. And during regulatory examinations, we stand prepared, providing steadfast support throughout the process.

Too often, a member of a RIA’s leadership assumes the CCO role out of necessity. However, keeping pace with ever-changing compliance regulations can be a full-time endeavor, leaving little time for core business activities and client engagement. If you find yourself struggling to maintain this balance, it’s time to outsource your compliance needs to LawVisory. 

Let us streamline your compliance processes. 

Cost-Effective Compliance: The Advantages of Outsourcing to LawVisory

While hiring an in-house CCO can be very costly, with expenses like base salary, bonuses, and ancillary costs driving the total to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more annually, many RIAs are turning to the outsourced CCO model. With LawVisory, besides benefiting from a dedicated OCCO and potential cost savings, you tap into the collective knowledge and experience of our entire team, rather than relying on a single individual.  

If preferred, LawVisory can offer an affordable flat monthly fee that works within an RIA’s budget, providing expert compliance and legal oversight while enabling your business to benefit from our entire team rather than a single full-time individual. By partnering with LawVisory, you gain the benefit of a compliance officer and legal counsel at a fraction of the cost. We alleviate the compliance burden, allowing you to concentrate on driving business growth.

Other Compliance Services

Annual Reviews: Conducting annual reviews of the adequacy and effectiveness of investment adviser policies and procedures in accordance with Rule 206(4)-7 of the Investment Advisers Act, FINRA 3120 (WSP), FINRA 3310 (AML), including a detailed written report of findings.    

Policies and Procedures: Providing ongoing monitoring of industry and regulatory changes and recommending changes to compliance manuals, code of ethics, disclosure documents, and other policies.    

Advice, Guidance, and Support: Offering real-time advice and guidance on compliance and regulatory matters.    

Compliance Committee & Routine Meetings: Assisting in conducting quarterly meetings of an internal compliance committee to address material compliance issues.    

Risk Assessment: Collaborating to conduct an annual risk assessment, evaluating potential risks in various aspects of the business.   

Marketing Materials: Reviewing marketing and advertising materials for compliance with SEC regulations.    

On-Site and Off-Site Testing: Conducting visits for testing and other scheduled compliance activities, which may include branch exams. GAP Analyses: Conducting gap analyses in areas such as cybersecurity, conflicts of interest, fees, or trade allocations.    

Mock Audits: Conducting compliance mock audits to assess adherence to regulations and identify areas for improvement.    

Code of Ethics and Insider Trading: Reviewing and analyzing data to ensure compliance with Code of Ethics and Insider Trading activities, including trading reports, gifts, and political contributions.    

Training: Providing compliance training for employees, covering various aspects of the Advisers Act and other relevant topics.    

E-Mail Review: Assisting in monitoring and reviewing emails as required by compliance policies.    

Research Assistance: Performing client-focused research and drafting related memoranda.    

Drafting: Assisting in drafting various compliance documents, including policies and procedures, risk assessments, and disclosure documents.    

New Registrations: Assisting with new SEC or other regulatory registrations and ongoing filings.    

SEC Examinations: Providing assistance with all matters related to SEC examinations, tailored to the desired level of involvement.    

Gain Peace of Mind with LawVisory's Compliance Division

With LawVisory‘s Compliance Division managing the compliance needs of clients with over $50 billion in combined assets under management (AUM), rest assured of our expertise. We specialize in helping RIA owners enhance flexibility and focus on business expansion. While certain tasks demand your personal attention, compliance is where LawVisory steps in. Partner with us and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a reliable compliance team bolstering your success. 

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