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High-quality legal and compliance services from a global perspective without the big law firm price tag.

LawVisory is a distinguished law firm dedicated to providing comprehensive compliance and legal services. With a passionate commitment to safeguarding your interests, our expert team navigates the intricate landscape of laws and regulations to ensure your business thrives in a compliant and secure environment. At LawVisory, we pride ourselves on offering tailored legal solutions that empower your success and mitigate risks, making us your trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of compliance and law. 


Mr. Smith is a highly-experienced securities lawyer, chief compliance officer, and business attorney with over 23 years of experience strengthening the legal and compliance functions of investment advisers, broker-dealers, and investment vehicles.  He has also represented companies at all stages of maturity with their capital and debt raising efforts via private offerings and public offerings.  He has also served as Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for NorthRock Partners LLC and Virtue Capital Management LLC; Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of RIA Compliance Firm LLC, and Founder and Managing Attorney for LawVisory. He previously served as Chief Compliance Officer of Griffin Capital Company LLC and Research Affiliates LLC, where he also served as Assistant General Counsel. 


  • Investment Adviser Certified Compliance Professional (NRS Education), with an additional certification in Hedge Fund compliance
  • Certified in Risk Management (International Institute of Professional Education and Research)
  • Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional FINRA Institute at Wharton3

About Lawvisory

Legal Services for Individual, Business, and Corporate

Our Vision

Our vision is to help our clients with all of their legal and compliance needs and for our business clients with all their needs during every stage of their business life cycle. We are there from the time of a new business' start-up through their liquidity events and during all stages of growth to maturity. At LawVisory, we seek to be our clients' trusted, reliable, and valuable advisors. Our vision is to also have our diverse and global attorneys and consultants experience a highly positive, encouraging, constructive, and helpful environment since we believe this leads to better client service, better working environment, and quality of life for our professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is also to help our business clients at all stages of their existence from start-up through liquidity events or from growth to maturity. At LawVisory, we seek to be trusted, reliable, and valuable advisors for our clients at all times.

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Discoveries & Consultations

A quick Discovery Consultation helps our dedicated team understand your current pain points and connects to right resource to cater for your Legal and Compliance needs .


Experts Allocated

Once the dedicated expert has been assigned the task, a deeper consultation is undergone to properly scope the Legal and Compliance tasks. 


Engagement Agreement

A complete engagement agreement is proposed and accepted to ensure the scope of work, specific outcomes and expectation and terms are agreed upon. 


Final Execution

Our team of dedicated experts tackle your current Legal and Compliance challenge as per the Engagement Agreement.