Outsourced Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

LawVisory's Outsourced Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel Services

At LawVisory, we revolutionize legal support with our Outsourced Chief Legal Officer (OCLO) and General Counsel outsourcing services. Our experienced lawyers provide a wide range of legal services, including compliance and risk management solutions, to meet the ongoing needs of businesses at every stage.
With a wealth of experience in handling intricate business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and litigation defense, our highly skilled team is well-equipped to assist you. LawVisory offers a range of fee programs, such as flat-fee monthly subscriptions and hourly rates, to help businesses save resources, prioritize growth, and confidently navigate legal landscapes.

Examples of typical services that we can provide for our clients are the following:

  • Contract review and negotiation

  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

  • Corporate finance, equity, stock options and debt management and issuances including drafting of equity and option plans and grants

  • Contract management

  • Director and advisory board management and corporate formalities such as meetings and corporate resolutions

  • Regulatory audit and examination assistance

  • Mergers & acquisition diligence assistance

  • Banking relationship management with the Finance department

  • Intellectual property management

  • Compliance

  • Labor law and human resources management

  • Real estate transaction and documentation reviews and management

  • Litigation management and evaluation and management of outside legal experts

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